How I got here

A timeline of my 10 year career

Silverpride Software

I've joined the team seeking new challenges focusing on UX design for android and iPhone apps.

Sept 2014 - June 2016

Joined UX exchange

Great source of User Experience knowledge through questions and answers from peers in the industry.

Since 2013


I've redesigned the entire SeeTickets website. Improve findability and usability with a fresh and modern look was the focus.

March 2012 - Aug 2014

Nottingham Trent University

Hourly paid lecturer of Animation and Interaction for the Multimedia course. The work involved planning classes to help students develop an interactive space, introducing them the concept of User Experience.

Oct - Dec 2011

Interaction Design MA

The work of my MA research involved the creation of a research tool called "Nodes". The project was intended for designers to visually organise, create, and annotate digital content. By doing so users could develop richer conceptual relationships that they might share with their community of peers within the platform.

Oct 2010 - 2011

Joined Dribbble

Show and tell website with the best in the industry but it's also a great source of inspiration and drive to be on top of your game.

Since 2011

First venture on mobile App design

I was commissioned to do the navigation map and interface design for two android applications. I followed the Android guidelines to create a logical navigation flow and produced wireframes to be used by the remote developers.

Apr - Dec 2010

Work at Summer +i

Internship turned into full time job. The diverse client base led to great exploration of styles and visual design. Also worked with wordpress creating custom themes.

Apr - Dec 2010

First Internship

Web Design intern responsible for the redesign of the laboratory’s websites. Environmental Science Laboratory (UFRJ).

Mar - Sep 2008

Introduced to HTML/CSS - A relashionship that would last

During my Graphic Design BA I got some basic knowledge of the front-end languages and was then that I decided to follow a career in web.

Around 2007

Graphic Design BA

Started my BA in Graphic design at Universidade da Cidade (Rio de Janeiro).

Jan 2005

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