My Work Process

I've worked in many different business environments and the process always vary depending on the company, project or budget. This is a common work process and roles I can fullfil.


Gathering Requirements

Every project involves the initial phase of understanding the idea of the product you want to build. It involves lots of questions about the target audience, current strategy and main goal you want to achieve. In this phase I might start outlining the potential work to be done and gathering content to further understand the business and have a shared understanding of the plan moving forward.


Competitor Research

Part of this initial phase is to research who you are up against, your competitors. This gives me a better idea of what your audience expects and what is lacking from their experience in other websites. Potential improvements and features are listed and user scenarios, flows and sketches are helpful to paint the picture.


Flows and Wireframes

Once a list of required layouts is defined I can start working on wireframes and the overall look and feel. Wireframes are useful to layout the content on each page and navigation flows focus on flow of interaction and navigation. A full navigation flow is a great way to see the entire work and make adjustments to minimise changes later in the process once development has started.


Visual Design

Appealing and engaging interfaces are part of any successful business. The homepage is a great way to start defining the overall look and feel and once that's agreed I will start producing creative and tasteful interfaces while considering usability, implementation time and technology available. This will also involve creating a UI visual library in XD that will guarantee consistency across the product and facilitate the next phase of implementation.


Front-end coding

It's always a pleasure to see your beautiful interfaces come to life in the development process. It involves a mix of HTML5, CSS3, SASS and jQuery to make the best user experience.